Many, many inaccuracies in this piece, too many to fully address but here are a few:

“Since when did our elections, disputed or not, include death threats? … Since Trump” Sadly, violence and intimidation is part of our election history, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated on the campaign trail in 1968. There was the Philadelphia New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case in 2008. A history of voter intimidation in the Jim crow era. The threats come from all sides.

“The states can pretty much do what they want.” You refute you own argument here – the rules set by the states are subject to Federal rules and regulations determined by Congress as instructed by the Elections Clause in in the Constitutions. The Congress has the authority to “make or alter” state regulations.

“Voters in those states will no longer have any say in who gets elected”. No comment necessary here other than pointing out the obvious – this an absurd and patently false statement.

“47 states have proposed or passed 361 bills restricting access to the polls.” You fail to mention that this same article from the Brennan Center states “At the same time, 843 bills with expansive provisions have been introduced in a different set of 47 states”.

The fundamental issue that those on the Left are unwilling to even acknowledge let alone debate is the “fine balance” of voter rights versus secure credible elections and voter confidence in the process. Bill Gardner, New Hampshire’s secretary of state, a Democrat, describes it this way “Just because you make voting easier, it does not raise turnout automatically. It can have the opposite result by undermining the trust and confidence voters have in the process.”

This statement came from his testimony before a recent Senate Judiciary committee which the Majority chose to title “Jim Crow 2021: The Latest Assault on the Right to Vote" . I would like someone to justify that hostile and preemptive name for a Senate hearing whose objective should be hearing testimony and evidence in objective manner. Shameful.


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