• Nicholas Tirella

    Nicholas Tirella

    Chess Writer

  • A Recovering Republican

    A Recovering Republican

    A former Republican’s thoughts on our experiment in democracy



    Contents for inspiration.||Computer Scientist||Programmer||Older sister|| Photographer||Food lover||knows 6 languages|| #Follow Back…Thanks for your support!

  • Evan Hundhausen

    Evan Hundhausen

    Creative Rebel — Promethean Fictive — Buy his short story stories at www.amazon.com/dp/B01ACPW74O

  • Adam Powell

    Adam Powell

    May the best argument win. And let us shake hands when it’s done.

  • cryptojuice


    Crypto enthusiast, software dev, FIFA afficionado, husband, father and grandpa — https://t.me/cryptojuice75

  • Max Skipper Griffiths

    Max Skipper Griffiths

    Writer | Runner | Programmer • PhD student Modelling Trust in Human-Robot Interactions

  • Paul JARRIGE

    Paul JARRIGE

    The Revolution Will Be HustleTweeted! Advocate / Special Counsel IG:

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